We’ll help you understand today’s consumer to help support tomorrow’s customer.
Users on our platform have mortgages. We know the housing and lender industries.
We help borrowers pay their bills on time.
Of our users spend less than an hour a week managing their finances.¹

Enterprise Solutions Reduce Costs

EarnUp is an award-winning financial technology platform that intelligently automates loan payment scheduling. Deep data insights can help enterprise organizations with risk mitigation, cost reduction and ensure that customers have access to the best credit products available, based on their financial standing.

Our Story

We created EarnUp because we saw financial worries take a toll on our parents. They scraped and saved, sometimes missed payments, and struggled to get by.

EarnUp is a consumer-first payment platform. We designed it to help achieve a goal to provide Americans with the financial tools to easily manage their money and improve financial well being.

Meet the Founders



Matthew enjoys making beautiful things that work. His specialty is designing products that make complex financial decisions incredibly easy to understand. The son of a minister and a teacher, he finished college with more than $20K in student loan debt fueling his longtime passion for helping underserved communities



Nadim enjoys making things that work beautifully. He started coding when he was nine years old when he built his first BBS off a 2400 baud modem. The son of immigrants who arrived in the US with virtually nothing, his upbringing instilled in him a passion for helping people build financial resilience.

35% of late payments are

Credit card late fees
cost Americans $3B
each year²

Our Big Idea is Catching On

We’re serving more people, and partnering with more organizations than ever.