EarnUp Fintech Happy Hour

October 25th, 2018 – 5:00pm

At EarnUp:

417 Montgomery St., San Francisco, CA

Need a refi? HELOC? New stealth fintech investment? A new job? We’ve got all of it.

Join us October 25, 2018 for an amazing Fintech Happy Hour here at EarnUp. We are hosting this with California MBA and will have tons of industry folks here, along with the best-of-breed fintechs in consumer lending for drinks, demos, and general fun. Our friends at Plaid, Steady, Homebot, Hippo, CoBuy and a few super-stealth new fintech platforms will be here.

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Speaker: Kate Adamson, Head of Mortgage

Plaid brings its experience powering FinTech giants like Venmo and Robinhood to the mortgage space. By enabling borrowers to seamlessly connect their bank accounts to the mortgage process, Plaid’s solutions can be used throughout the loan lifecycle. From pre-qualification to Asset Verification to servicing, Plaid is leading the drive towards a truly digital mortgage process.

@plaid on Twitter and Instagram




Speaker: Drew Glover, VP of Marketplace

Steady is a consumer-focused financial empowerment platform. Steady enables consumers to take control of their financial health by providing them with optimized part-time or full-time on-demand workforce opportunities as well as financial incentives and tools that enable the achievement of their financial goals.

@thesteadyapp on Twitter and Instagram


Speaker: Rick McCathron, Head of Insurance

Hippo is on a mission to transform home insurance for the modern household. Among its many innovations, Hippo allows homeowners to get a quote and purchase home insurance online in 60 seconds or less, save up to 25 percent compared with traditional insurers, and obtain smarter coverage for modern households. Hippo offers intuitive and proactive home insurance by taking a smarter, tech-driven approach.

Twitter: @hippo_insurance, Facebook: @myhippo.insurance


Speaker: Katey Dallosto, Business Development

Homebot is helping homeowners build their equity faster. A client retention tool for Mortgage Lenders and Real Estate agents.

Insta: @homebot.ai, LinkedIn: @homebot, Facebook: @homebotapp

EarnUp is a Forbes Fintech 50 winner offering a consumer-first platform that intelligently automates loan payments and identifies earning opportunities for the 200 million indebted Americans. EarnUp puts a few dollars aside for loans when consumers can afford it — then makes timely payments to help consumers get out of debt faster. Based in San Francisco, EarnUp is backed by prominent venture capital firms SignalFire, Blumberg Capital, Kapor Capital, Correlation Ventures, Camp One Ventures, and Fenway Summer Ventures, plus other leading angels and entrepreneurs. EarnUp is a winner of the prestigious Financial Solutions Lab, managed by the Center for Financial Services Innovation in partnership with JPMorgan Chase & Co. For more information, visit www.EarnUp.com, email hello@earnup.com, and follow on Twitter @EarnUp.

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Photo by Jingxuan Chi