See what happy EarnUp customers are saying:

“It’s knocking down our mortgage so much faster. The whole concept is brilliant.” – Elizabeth from Oregon

“I noticed I was having some problems paying my bills. I had some credit card debt that I needed to take care of, I wanted to get my car paid off, and I wanted to make sure my bills were paid on time. When I heard about the convenience of going through EarnUp, and how they take care of the payments and pull it out biweekly with my paycheck as opposed to monthly, I thought it would be easier for me to manage my debts.” – Alicia from Utah

“It absolutely helps me get my finances under control. I feel like I was kind of spinning out of control, and not understanding how to manage this, and EarnUp has helped me to manage that. Having one payment – it’s such peace of mind that I don’t have to pay 10 different people.” – Sarah from Washington

“I was really glad that you guys turned me on to this biweekly payments thing, because I think it’s the coolest thing in the world.” – Shawn from Wisconsin

“I am dealing with a bunch of stuff right now and having EarnUp on my side has been extremely helpful.” – Christopher from Texas

“The service has been excellent. I love it. It’s a huge burden off my back. I know the payments are on time, every time.” – Collis from Louisiana


EarnUp is a Forbes Fintech 50 winner offering a consumer-first platform that intelligently automates payments and identifies earning opportunities for the 200 million indebted Americans. EarnUp puts a few dollars aside for loans when consumers can afford it — then makes timely payments to help consumers get out of debt faster.

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Photo by Lucas Lenzi