EarnUp X.ai

Real-time portfolio analytics and borrower-level asset, income, and employment data

Mitigate Risk With More Accuracy

EarnUp X.ai can help increase loan performance by providing real-time data and visibility into a borrower’s portfolio; income, debt, credit, employment, and borrower trends. This additional layer of transparency impacts asset valuation accuracy and can positively affect both borrowers and investors.

Value Portfolios More Precisely

  • Capture historical and trailing trends on income, assets, and loan performance
  • Segment data across asset classes and employment verticals

Leverage Advanced Analytics to Offer Personalized Solutions

Refinance Customers

Recapture customers looking to refinance with lower rate offers

Customers with Financial Challenges

Offer the right workout solutions at the right time to the right customers

Get Ahead of Issues Before They Become Problems

Maximize likelihood to repay and keep customers fully digital (reducing call center volume)

NSF resolution through DQ warnings on borrowers that missed an intra-month debit

Several triggers for proactive borrower outreach, including:

  • Debit Reminders
  • NSF
  • Escrow changes
  • Additional account & loan-level changes

Conserve Valuable Staff and Resources

EarnUp’s customer service specialists in the US, Mexico, and Costa Rica are armed to ensure payments are made on time:

  • Phone, text, and email outreach
  • 99% NSF resolution rate
  • Avg. call waiting under 10 seconds
  • NPS of 75

  • Maximize revenue through better loan decisioning and management
  • Minimize risk with more accurate data input for portfolio valuation
  • Maximize MSR longevity to attract strong refinance and cross-sell candidates

  • Minimize servicing costs by reducing demands on your customer support center
  • Expand revenue channels by offering data products as part of your suite of services
  • Increase retention and cross-sell through the ability to offer customized offers at the right time

  • Greater payment flexibility through customized payment scheduling
  • Accessible support via the platform or EarnUp’s dedicated support team
  • Timely and accurate product offerings via targeted lender outreach

Integrating with

EarnUp will have a dedicated project manager work with your team through the integration and customization of your dashboard.

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