Set Your Borrower Up for Success—Start with the First Payment.

Boost profitability, increase efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.

Temporary Payment Coupons are a Thing of the Past.

Success relies on prompt mailing, is dependent on the USPS, and requires a human to gather the check from a lockbox for processing—undermining efficiency and challenging profit margins at every step.

Automating the payment process removes the friction this process perpetuates.

EarnUp has solved the latency and manual processes associated with temporary payment coupons. Inclusive is a collaboration platform for the originator, borrower, investor, and servicer that follows the borrower payment journey, mapping to all originator RESPA.

Independent Mortgage Bankers, Automation is Where it’s at.

Integrating EarnUp’s automated payments platform into the origination process can remove the friction inherent in this antiquated process.

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase profitability
  • Ensure timely payments
  • Payment continuity secured
  • Delinquency significantly reduced
  • Enhanced borrower experience can increase your CSAT

How it Works – Borrower

  • Integrated into the final steps at closing, your borrower’s loan is enrolled onto the EarnUp’s GetAhead Payments platform.
  • Borrower data is captured programmatically, from the LOS, and prefilled to increase adoption rate.
  • From the platform your borrower initiates the payments by setting the debit dates, amount, and debit account, in minutes.
  • This streamlined borrower experience eliminates the need for paper check payments until the loan is sold.
  • We digitize the ‘goodbye letter’ as the loan is sold so the borrower is not burdened with trying to work though the payment detail with the new servicer.
Added bonus:

Our payments platform helps your borrowers improve their financial wellness by ensuring that their payments are made paid on time. The platform automates debits and remits the payments on the borrower’s behalf, in full when it’s due. The option to schedule bi-weekly payments can also help to stabilize your borrowers budget, month over month.

How it Works – Originator

From the platform, EarnUp will deliver relevant, digital notifications to the lender, servicer, and borrower.

  • Notification of ‘Coupon’ payment remittance from EarnUp to the lender and to the borrower
  • Payment receipt confirmation sent to the servicer
  • Follow-up communication to the borrower regarding servicing transfer—following lender’s notice of RESPA transfer letter to borrower
  • Borrower notifications of new payment options upon transfer to servicer

Make the Move to EarnUp to Improve Portfolio Value

From the platform, EarnUp will deliver rEnrolling the newly originated loan, ahead of the first payment, onto EarnUp’s GetAhead Payments Platform not only preserves portfolio value, but can improve it. Eliminate the guesswork around late payments via mail-in coupons and checks when it comes time to sell your assets to an investor. You’ll also have up-to-date valuation data that can drive business decisions, increase originations, and reduce costs.

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