When the pandemic lockdown went into effect, it felt like life was on pause. Life as we knew it was forever changed. 

The digital transformation accelerated. Remote work and virtual video meetings became the norm. Apps for telehealth, retail, along with meal and grocery deliveries saw their user base rise exponentially. Consumers adapted, quickly crossing the digital divide, using technology to handle many of the things they needed—and some of the things they didn’t. All of a sudden, retailers, grocers, and restaurants faced the daunting pressure of being “just like Amazon.”

Now that the lockdowns have been lifted, people have quickly adjusted to the “new normal.” Meanwhile, the mortgage industry conference circuit is back in motion. And you know what? Our team at EarnUp is all in. We feel empowered, excited, and ready to bring our game-changing technology to borrowers, lenders, and servicers.

We’re ready to help borrowers take control of their financial health. We’re ready to help lenders and servicers deliver a data driven and transformational borrower journey post-origination. We’re ready for you!

Supporting a Financial Ecosystem that Works for Everyone

When we attend these conferences like MBA Annual 2022, Money 20/20, Digital Mortgage Conference (DIGMO), Fuse 2022, and HousingWire Annual, we’re seeing a similar energy.

We’re seeing and meeting professionals within the mortgage industry attend the conferences with a renewed sense of passion and commitment for doing what they do best for today’s borrowers. Like us, we’re seeing people within the mortgage industry committed to helping borrowers thrive in today’s housing market and beyond.  

It’s been an exciting experience to not only witness, but also to be a part of. And with the cost of housing and rising interest rates, that certainly doesn’t make it easy.

Today’s conferences are an amazing opportunity for professionals within the mortgage industry to come together to connect, build relationships, and share ideas. 

If nothing else, the pandemic emphasized how important relationships are in each and every situation—from our personal lives to our professional ones. People matter. There’s so much we all can do to help each other. But to do that, we need to get out there. We need to talk to each other. We need to listen. When we do those things, that’s when the magic happens.

Why We Are All In

Our team is out there, attending conferences, and building relationships with so many amazing people. We’re not only sharing our technology with the world, we’re sharing our true passion—creating a financial system that can work for everyone.  

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