GetAhead Dashboard

Maximize asset profitability with improved loan performance and retention

The way it’s done today leaves a lot to the imagination

Superficial surveillance data leaves many gaps in offering the best loan product to a borrower and ensuring loan performance risk mitigation for the investor. Deeper borrower portfolio insights can fuel opportunities to provide value benefitting the borrower and investor.

How we can help you get there, at scale

Superficial surveillance data leaves many The GetAhead Dashboard can help increase loan performance by providing continuous real-time data and visibility into a borrower’s portfolio. This additional layer of transparency impacts asset valuation accuracy and affects both borrowers and investors.

GetAhead Dashboard

The platform provides more in-depth insight into maximizing loan performance with many benefits to an investor in service of a customer.

  • Improved asset/loans management through increased visibility
  • Sleek & effortless summary performance reports for executives & stakeholders
  • Provides a view to ‘predict’ your asset’s ability to stay current on payments and portfolio risk exposure
  • Maximize revenue, through better-performing loans, improved customer service, and customer retention
  • Minimize risk exposure with a view into accurate data and increased visibility into risky and at-risk loans
  • Minimize servicing cost through digital communication, reducing labor cost
  • Maximize MSR longevity with the signaling of strong refinance & cross-sell opportunities
  • Risk forecasting

GetAhead Dashboard Product Features:

  • Payment schedule flexibility
  • Debit and payment status
  • Advanced customer support
  • Flagging at-risk loans and borrowers
  • Signaling of potential refinance candidates
  • Delinquency alerts

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