Happy Fall! Here’s the latest at EarnUp:

What’s New?

  • Forbes (https://i.earnup.com/319upQ1) EarnUp referenced by the amazing Jennifer Tescher about the coming economic downturn and what FinTechs can do to help. “Managing through a downturn will require partnering with customers to help them work through financial challenges.”
  • JP Morgan Chase Financial Solutions Lab (https://i.earnup.com/2OIm6b8) EarnUp is mentioned in a report by the Financial Health Network (formerly CFSI) + JP Morgan Chase Financial Solutions Lab: 5 Years of Fintech Innovation: Insights from the Financial Solutions Lab, 2014-2019.
  • Founders for Change (https://i.earnup.com/2Kq81N5) Matthew and Nadim pledge to be Founders for Change, a movement of 1,000+ CEOs and Founders dedicated to diversity and inclusion. “I believe in a more diverse and inclusive tech industry. I am dedicated to having a diverse team and board, and when I have a choice of investment partners in the future, the diversity of their firms will be an important consideration.” #FoundersForChange See them and the full list at: https://www.foundersforchange.org/all-founders
  • Financial Health Network (https://i.earnup.com/2MweSV6) EarnUp is featured in a report by the Financial Health Network — “Cross-Sector Solutions: A Guide to Nonprofit-Fintech Partnerships”. Direct link to PDF: https://i.earnup.com/2B2OEEe

How Can You Help?

New careers posted. Here’s the list:

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