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Fintech has a serious diversity impact problem and we want to create a space for that discussion. Our panel will be a deep dive on how to better serve low-income and minority communities, featuring a range of diverse voices from Freddie Mac, Wells Fargo and Oportun.

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FinTech’s Achilles Heel: Reaching the Underserved

Over the past decade, the FinTech revolution has been heralded for it’s democratization of financial services. FinTech companies have been pushing the financial space forward by using technology to reshape services that were once exclusive to banks and financial institutions.

FinTech has always been about increasing accessibility, but despite major strides in these sectors there still remains a large community that goes overlooked — the low-income and minority communities.

So what is really holding fintech back from fully tapping into the underserved market?

In this session, we will explore the biggest barriers for entry and how a lot of the assumptions we make about low-income behavior are often wrong, while giving you the learnings that changes how we build our product.


  1. What the biggest barriers are for tapping into the low-income communities.
  2. A set of strategies to overcome these barriers and reach these consumers.
  3. The learnings we have discovered as we have worked to build a product for this community.



Matthew Cooper, CEO, EarnUp


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