What’s New at EarnUp:

  • NextBillion (https://i.earnup.com/2nlAWWd) How EarnUp and other fintech startups are helping keep the American Dream alive. 
  • MReport (https://i.earnup.com/2vKleaT) Is fintech the savior of the mortgage industry? On optimization in mortgage lending featuring EarnUp and SVP. 
  • Reward Expert (https://i.earnup.com/2zXUoSa) “EarnUp: Intelligent Automation of Loan Payments to Build Financial Health” 
  • UNC Center for Community Capital (https://i.earnup.com/2N3f5Oi) When Saving Really Isn’t Saving and Why This Isn’t Bad”.
  • Authority Magazine / Medium / Finextra (https://i.earnup.com/2JcV45k) “9 Ways Fintech Will Change The Financial Industry In The Next Three Years”.
  • San Francisco Business Times (https://i.earnup.com/2Lz19hS)  “Several Bay Area fintechs seeking to use technology to help users struggling with their finances. San Francisco-based EarnUp offers an app that helps borrowers manage loan payments and get out of debt faster.” 
  • SXSW EarnUp Blog Vote (https://i.earnup.com/2oFJkk5) EarnUp’s bid for awesome SXSW panel, spared the word! 

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Where to Find Us the Next 60 Days?

  • Washington DC (MBA National)
  • Dallas (FiveStar)
  • Vegas (DM and Money2020)
  • Chicago (FreddieMacConnect and CFSI)
  • New York
  • San Antonio
  • San Francisco (The Commerce Summit)

FYI if you are in Dallas Matthew is speaking at two asset optimization panels at the Five Star Conference – the Single Family Rental Roundtable and the Single Family Investment Lab. Come say hi!



Photo by Jonatan Pie